Workroom Updates

I've been at the new space for two months now. Things are slowly starting to find their place. I'm also starting to see what yet needs to be acquired (shelves, definitely more shelves!). One mighty crucial addition is a daylight lamp. It is basically a must-have when you are shooting larger objects like pillow covers and the otherwise lovely Fall deprives us of natural daylight. This baby arrived yesterday and I'm now eagerly learning how to use it properly. Not as easy as one might think!



This week my shop received it's 100th official written feedback. Wohoo! I thought this might be a great moment to mention how much these feedback messages really mean to me.

It's actually quite difficult to describe how it feels like to receive feedback for something you've created and what other people have paid for. It certainly feels very personal. That should be a bad thing right? We've been taught to never to take feedback personally. How about if you've put 110% of yourself into creating something? How could you not take the feedback personally? I've made my peace with it. Everything here is created by me and so, I will take all the responsibility (and all the glory, ha!) Also, some of the feedback is specifically written in personal tone. Other times it's more about the products and the whole transaction. I LOVE it all! 

I never could have imagined how hard the mental part of this job can be. You are constantly filled with self doubt, uncertainty, even despair when nothing seems to go your way. On top of that, the job is quite solitary most of the time. Now. Let me tell you what keeps me going on: It's you guys! I truly believe I have the sweetest customers anyone could have! I receive such amazing messages and even pictures of the products in people's homes. So amazing! I'm dumbfounded every time a buyer has taken the time to officially write down something. I feel so grateful and blessed. And it never get's old either. Every time I'm opening a new review my heart races and the anxiety starts to come in. I want to believe that it's a sign of how much I care about my work and my customers. 

So...let me say the biggest thanks! I couldn't do it without you! I wish I could come give you all a hug but for now I have to settle for my favorite pillows.

With heartfelt thank you,


New Workroom

About a week ago I got to pack up my linen bundles and sewing machines and carry them into a lovely new workspace. The space is located at an old cotton factory (how appropriate is that!) in my hometown Vaasa. Funnily enough, I'm now back on the same campus with the school I went to.

The old factory lot is situated right by the sea. Can't wait to see the inspiring waters first thing every day when coming to work!

The shipping station is still "under construction" as they say


Holiday gift shopping

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